Adult Empire Unveils: Bree Austin Studios

MILF hottie Bree Austin is announcing that she has joined forces with the fine merchants over at to bring fans of the XXX world her first mega-sized clips store.
March 24, 2024
Gavyn Glass

2023 marked a year that brought us many unforgettable new performers and productions within the world of adult entertainment. Bree Austin, a starlet who has impacted both departments, now wants to deliver something bigger to her fans. MILF hottie Bree Austin is announcing that she has joined forces with the fine merchants over at to bring fans of the XXX world her first mega-sized clips store. A location that will offer Bree’s content like never before seen. You may have been following this beauty since she made her way onto the scene in the business, but trust us when we say, you have never seen her productions like this, welcome to Bree Austin Studios

“My favorite scene of all the ones I chose to release first to Adult Empire has to be the one that the fans love the most, and that is my cum drinking by Maasai Warrior! I always love getting a mouthful but the sheer joy captured on my face in this close-up scene is one that fans always tell me is their favorite! That is what I wanted to make available with this massive move within my career as a performer and a producer. I love my fans, and this is just another way that I can give back to them.”


You can check out Bree’s store in its entirety by following this link to Adult Empire Megastore – click here.

Now, this would not be vintage Bree Austin if we did not have her give you some insight into this scantily delicious piece of erotic cinema. Shot for the Bree Austin brand, made with nothing but love. What else would you expect from a MILF?

Drinking Maasai Cum – Starring Maasai Warrior – As Bree described herself, this is one of her all-time favorite scenes. If there is one thing Bree loves, it is sucking cock, and milking a man’s balls until he can not take anymore. Shot in full HD, this is a production that has “cum” to define what the Bree Austin brand truly embraces. Sensual sex, with a kink factor that can only be described as Bree-Austin-esque!

Fucked Hard Like A Good Slut – Starring AZ Pornstar – They are two of the “Arizona Originals.” Performers who have put Arizona on the map within the world of adult films and content creation. Find out what makes these desert sex pioneers the innovators that they are. AZ Pornstar shows why he is an award-nominated content creator with both his grind and thrust both in front of the camera and behind it. This gonzo fuck fest is one of Bree Austin’s most meaningful productions within her career. One that started her on another path of discovery.

Latex Maid Throat Training – Starring Bree Austin – Shot on set with one of the world’s greatest directors and production companies. This solo act of debauchery is for those who want a little role-play with their main sexual course. This maid delivers a hell of a lot more than cleaned pipes and cleaned-out broom closets. See Bree Austin play in a way that has shown the entire globe that this MILF star of the future is more than just a pretty face. This is solo sex the way that it always used to be delivered years ago. Tons of wetness, lots of kinky characters and so much slippery sex that you will need to purchase your own clean-up crew if you are not careful. 

This is a union years in the making. A stop that this Arizona starlet on the rise was destined to make. Adult Empire has been one of the world’s leaders of great content for the biggest XXX performers in the world. They deliver great prices, wonderful sales, and delivery to content creators of the globe who are doing more than changing the world, just like the lovely Bree Austin. Stay tuned for even more on the horizon from Bree Austin Studios. This party is just getting started.

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