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Do you need a single press release or a monthly press support contract?

The key to building any successful marketing campaign is PR. But for many performers there is an unfamiliarity with how this also connects to brand awareness and sales.

If there is one thing that separates DJD Media from the competition it is that fact that our lead publisher and owner has worked for, or with every major publication in the world of adult films and entertainment. No matter if it is fetish or hardcore, Don Juan DeMarko has had his hands thoroughly within the dough that has created some of the modern wonders of adult literature and news. Now, he aims to work directly for the performers. PR is promotion and hype that goes to a news editor.

That is what Don Juan DeMarko has done for the better part of twenty years. If you are looking to raise the awareness of your brand in the adult industry, Don Juan DeMarko is the man to see. No matter your status or stature, Don Juan has something for you, and we are talking more than just relief in your purse or wallet. What Don Juan offers is something that every budget and person can take advantage of: helping you grow along the way. The only way that DJD grows is if you grow. That is our goal.

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