Danni Jones Makes Her Score Group Debut

In the past, when a new porn starlet made her XXX debut, it was within the parameters of a six to eight-hour shoot on a big Hollywood set.
January 12, 2024
Don Juan DeMarko
New York, New York

Mansions, palm trees, and cameras as far as you could see. In today’s XXX landscape, within the digital age of adult video, things have changed immensely, and this latest scene, from 50 Plus MILFS and The Scores Group proves why with the debut of curvaceous MILF beauty Danni Jones.

Danni Jones is the featured model in two of the most tantalizing releases to ever be offered by The famous Score Group when it comes to showcasing the newest big-titted MILF on the block, and Danni Jones is most certainly those two things. Big-titted, Big-Assed Mom Danni Jones Twerks on Her Son’s Best Friend’s Dick not only marks Danni’s debut with PornMegaLoad.com, but it is also Miss Jones’ first professional scene in the world of adult cinema. But, the fun does not stop there. Danni is also featured in A New MILF With a Fine Ass Cums Loudly For You. From the fine folks at 50 Plus MILF. Two of the most popular niche sites within the Scores Group company umbrella. The brand that is all about showcasing busty women, and always has been. 

“I had seen so many beautiful women on the Score Group’s many websites before I even decided to take a stab at this professional porn thing years ago. They have always had the most beautiful, big-breasted women in the industry in their photos and videos. I am so honored to have made my professional adult film debut with 50 Plus MILFS and The Score Group. As far as Berry McCockiner, I could not have asked for a better, hotter co-star. I love younger men, including in the confines of my personal life. What does that mean? Well, I suggest that you watch to find out. Because every lick, suck, grope and grasp, it is as real as can be. That is who I am. That is the porn star that I vow to be to all the XXX fans out there. Because I genuinely enjoy sex and porn every bit as much as they do. I hope my big debut shows that in the best of ways to them.”

Danni Jones

Big-Titted, Big-Assed Mom Danni Jones Twerks on Her Son’s Best Friend’s Dick is now available for purchase or download over at www.50plusmilfs.com Co-starring Berry McCockiner, this latest scene is as high quality of a “MILF” scene as it gets. Danni Jones plays the best friend’s mom, and Berry McCockiner is the lucky boy who gets to take the ride of all rides when it comes to sexy older women, and fantasies that we all have possessed about encounters with our best friend’s mother. If that does not define MILF I do not know what does. 

…..You thought Danni Jones and The Score Group were through there? After you have revved up your engines with Danni’s first scene, settle down into the warm drawn piece of porn that is A New MILF With a Fine Ass Cums Loudly For You. A sensual solo masturbation scene that demonstrates what Danni Jones’ skills truly are as a new starlet, and why she became one of the biggest OnlyFans success stories of this new digital age of porn. Arriving onto the XXX scene in style, with two shoots under her sexy garter belt instead of one. This beauty is here to stay, and a symbol of what an adult film debut is in the year 2024 and this new, always evolving form of entertainment that is adult films. 

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